Private Lessons

You can book a private lesson (up to two people)

60 mins = £60

75 mins = £75

90mins = £90

Please contact me by e-mail to arrange this.

Courses and Workshops

Yoga for the Menopause

This is a five week course designed to support women facing the changes of the peri/menopause.

Breathing and Meditation

Currently I am running these as online courses but hope to return to face to face when able

Next course dates

19.00 GMT – 20.00 GMT


Yoga for Watersports

This workshop is designed for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers and paddleboarders.

Active Meditation

This course suits being run online as it means you can really run wild whilst the camera’s off.

Next course dates

19.00 GMT – 20.00 GMT


Candle meditation

Download this free meditation below, using checkout code CALM2021

Whilst meditation is usually for all, if you suffer from migraine or have epilepsy that’s triggered by flickering lights, then you could use a still object or mandala instead of a candle flame. For those with recent eye surgery the single gaze meditation is not recommended.


Absolute Beginners

These courses will restart when we are able to be a room together again!