Absolute beginners, Experienced yoga practitioners, Sportspeople, the Menopause, Anxiety and Sleep

Yoga for Absolute Beginners

Private or small group classes

You’d love to be able to join the yoga class at your gym or the local studio but you’ve never done any yoga at all and you’re feeling apprehensive.

Thankfully, yoga is available for all levels; however, I understand that it would be nice to know your Downward Dog from your Caterpillar before you go public.

Join one of my six week courses to gain the skills to be able to join the yoga movement.

One 60 min session per week for six weeks and you’ll be confident to practice with others or on your own; and be safe to use the extensive available online resources.


“…I really loved your yoga, you’re a great teacher. I now have high hopes for being able to make my foot land between my hands one day…”  EM, Sidlesham

Yoga for the Experienced

Private or small group classes

You go to yoga classes, you know your Warrior One from your Warrior Two, you might even know their Sanskrit names…but you’re not quite sure you’re getting them right. 

  • You’d love to have a check in and a tune up 
  • You so want to do crow but you’d prefer to fall on your nose without 20 people looking on
  • You’d like to start exploring pranayama and meditation but don’t think that the gym set up is right for that.

I’m here for you! I totally love this bit. Tell me what it is you’d like to learn or improve and together we’ll get it sorted.

PS Please say you’ll do the pranayama bit…it’s so important!

“…Thank you for the privilege of a 1 to 1 class. I really appreciated your corrections…” TD, Chichester 

Yoga for Sports

Private or small group classes

Bespoke programmes

I’m a keen skier, kiter and biker so totally get it that sometimes you can find your sports put a pressure on your system. Tight hamstrings? Lower back pain? Balance not quite what it used to be?

I can create classes that specifically work with your main sport to offset the muscle imbalances that can build, and also to help you attain the next level by improving your balance and strength. 

Yoga for the Menopause

Private or small group classes

The menopause can be a turbulent time for some and a walk in the park for others. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep and low energy, then yoga is for you. 

I’d love to support you through this difficult time, using yoga asanas (poses), breathing practices and meditation depending on your needs. 


“…had the best night’s sleep in ages last night, after the yoga session yesterday…” LT, Chichester 

Yoga for Calm

Private or small group classes

Anxious? Difficulty sleeping? Life racing away from you?

Yoga can help support you through this. I love creating classes focusing on more abstract concepts, using specific asanas (poses) to bring calm and wellbeing.

I like to incorporate pranayama (yoga breathing practices) and meditation in classes when requested.

“…Namaste. Thank you so much Louise. I’ve just completed your Letting Go yoga session and found it really calming and helpful & I know its done my body good too….” TD, Chichester

“…You have such an air of calm around you when you’re teaching, I can’t help but feel it too…” EM, Sidlesham

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